The US banking institutions offer customers over 65 an even more convenient use of everyday banking services and support in case of questions.

Modern life is unthinkable in monetary calculations: you need to buy products in a store or in the market, pay utility bills, pay for travel in public transport, purchase gifts for grandchildren, or repair an apartment.

They offer seniors a wide selection of channels, even a special telephone line has been created, allowing you to contact the bank 24/7.


  • ATM cash withdrawals all over the United States of America;
  • Branches, self-service centers and consultations of competent specialists;
  • Cash withdrawal at retail locations.

Pay card

  • The card has all the basic functions of a common debit card;
  • Using a payment card is safer than cash;
  • Even if you lose your card, your money will remain intact;
  • Pay for purchases at points of sale and online stores around the world;
  • Pay with a contactless card – conveniently, safely and quickly.

Convenient Payments

  • Pay utility bills more conveniently using e-bills;
  • Free payments to other banking accounts;
  • An opportunity to issue a regular payment, for example, to a grandson.

Digital Bank Services

  • Access to the Internet bank from any place with an Internet connection, as well as from our specialized computers in offices and self-service centers;
  • All everyday services are in the mobile application on the smartphone.

Deposits for retirees

In most banking institutions, there are special offers for retirees. Grandparents are often advised to open a special deposit for pensioners with a card. As a rule, the conditions for deposits for clients’ category are more favorable than for traditional term deposits. As a result, pensioners can accumulate a small amount of income.

A bank client can have the status of a pensioner not only in terms of length of service, but also in disability, in case of loss of a breadwinner, and also when receiving a social pension. However, the main category of pensioners-depositors of the bank is, as a rule, clients of old age, prone to accumulate and save their funds.

Note that US banking institutions usually offer fixed-term deposits for senior citizens and demand deposits. The first type of deposits is designed to accumulate savings, the interest rate is higher than the second, which is more often used for the non-cash transfer of pensions. These two types of deposits are distinguished by the fact that it is possible to carry out expense transactions relatively freely, including cash withdrawals. However, demand deposits still require a higher percentage than regular demand deposits.

Deposits for pensioners also have some more advantages. These include the possibility of issuing a testamentary disposition for the funds placed in the deposit. In some banks, in addition to the deposit, it is possible to issue a bank card with preferential service.