Business Internet Banking

Want to run a business from your laptop or smartphone anywhere in the world? Want to save time – yours and your employees? Connect the business internet banking: it will help to eliminate errors during registration, avoid visits to the bank and flexibly manage all financial processes.

Features of the business internet banking system

  • Sending and receiving electronic documents;
  • Sending urgent payments;
  • Providing information on balances, operations on accounts and corporate cards;
  • Import into electronic banking systems of electronic documents from your company’s system;
  • Conclusion of deposit transactions and transactions for the placement of funds in minimum balances;
  • Conversion operations;
  • Submission of documents to the bank as part of currency control;
  • Messaging with bank employees and many other operations.

Benefits of business internet banking

Business internet banking allows the client to manage a bank account via the Internet online from anywhere in the world without visiting the bank.

The main advantages of the system for businessmen:

  • Saving time – easy remote management of funds in accounts. You do not need a personal presence at the bank office;
  • Mobility – remote account management can be carried out from any modern computer with access to the Internet;
  • Control funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world;
  • Always at hand. Ability to use the free mobile application;
  • Savings in banking operations — tariffs in the internet bank are lower than in a similar operation at a bank branch;
  • Flexibility. The ability to customize the visualization for each user;
  • Single point of entry – it is possible to combine accounts of legal entities and individuals to enter the system using a single login and password;
  • High level of data security – wide possibilities for building information security conditions in accordance with the distribution of responsibilities in your organization – you can set different access rights to the system’s functionality for different users of the system.

Now you can manage your accounts without leaving your office!