Wealth management is a range of consulting services covering all aspects of the financial life of a private client with a large fortune – financial investments, planning, accounting and taxation, legal issues.

Wealth Management: analysis and investment decision making

Wealthy families, as a rule, hold funds in several banks and use investment recommendations from many sources. In the absence of a clear strategy and one decision center, this approach often leads to unjustified losses or low investment efficiency.

Banks are the main center for analysis and investment decision making. They have international asset management licenses, their teams consist of professionals with a rich investment management experience, which allows them to offer individual trust management strategies or investment advice depending on client preferences. The largest investment banks have access to the most comprehensive analytics on capital markets. This allows them to have an independent view of the situation in the markets and banking products, and act exclusively in the interests of customers. Also, for effective risk management, banks build for each client infrastructure for making investment decisions.

Each client gets an individual investment portfolio, a unique investment strategy that best meets the needs of a particular client and the degree of his risk appetite.
The staff of experienced, highly professional employees will ensure the optimal distribution and profitability of your assets.


As part of asset management, banks offer the following services:

  • Determining the optimal asset structure based on investment objectives and a long-term forecast for capital markets;
  • Creation of infrastructure for the execution of investment transactions, risk control and interaction with banks, taking into account all changes in regulation;
  • Assistance in choosing the most preferred banks, funds and investment managers;
  • Negotiations on optimizing the cost of bank services;
  • Implementation of the investment strategy on customer accounts in leading banks. Depending on the preferences of clients, the strategy can be implemented through investments in individual instruments (stocks, bonds, indices, etc.), and through a portfolio of selected funds;
  • Continuous monitoring of the portfolio for compliance with the main parameters (risk, profitability, liquidity, etc.);
  • A personal approach to interacting with a client from individual consultations on individual positions to trust management within the framework of an agreed strategy.


Thanks to Wealth Management, you and your company get a complete picture of the use of your own resources, which allows you to make the right decisions in all areas of activity and increase work efficiency.

Using the system allows you to:

  • Track the effectiveness of achieving business goals;
  • Align asset costs with real needs;
  • Improve the use of assets (reduce unnecessary purchases, reduce downtime, use assets by 100%, etc.);
  • Support organizational change;
  • Minimize risks and increase security through timely software updates and patch installation;
  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Using Wealth Management allows you to increase the effectiveness of various areas of your activities. Asset information, which is accumulated and regularly updated, becomes accessible and transparent for all levels of management.