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Personal Savings

Savings accounts are a great tool for putting money away for the things that matter to you. Whether planning for the unexpected or for that dream vacation, the right savings vehicle will help you reach your financial goals.

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  • Prep Savings

    For individuals age 18 and younger.

  • Primary Savings

    For individuals seeking a competitive interest rate on their savings deposits.

  • Money Market

    For individuals seeking a competitive tiered interest rate with rewards for higher balances.

  • CDs & IRAs

    For individuals seeking longer term savings options with a higher yield.

Personal Savings & Money Market Prep Primary Priority Money Market
Account Is For: Encouraging your children or grandchildren to save early and often Individuals seeking a competitive interest rate on their savings deposits Individuals seeking competitive tiered interest rates with rewards for higher balances
Minimum Opening Balance $5 $100 $100
Maintenance Fee $10 $10
Minimum Monthly Balance (to avoid maintenance fee) $100 $1,000
Age Criteria 18 and under
Earns Interest * * *
Tiered Interest Rates *
Withdrawal Limitations 3 per month 3 per month Up to six pre-authorized transfers, including checks, phone, overdraft or computer transfers each month
Free Online Banking Access * * *
Free Quicken© Web Connect / Direct Connect Download Services * * *